HELLO! This will generate a randomizer patch for the NES game Solstice using the parameters of your choice. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and eat a hearty breakfast

(OPTIONAL) Enter custom seed (0-16777215):

(OPTIONAL) Enter custom starting room (0-252, enter -1 for random room):

Randomize credit locations?

Randomize detonator locations?

Randomize key locations?

Randomize Magic Boot location?

Randomize teleporter destinations?

Randomize Magic Boot strength?

Expert Mode?

Randomize Shadax Sprite?

Randomize Shadax Colors?

Fix object color palettes?

PLEASE! let me know if you find anything game breaking in my romhacking topic. Thx.



Item color correction now working


Full Detonator randomization!

Greatly expanded Magic Boots randomization!

Fix object color palettes actually works now!STILL BROKEN :(

Old Updates

Expert Mode! - Start with 0 lives, cannot gain more lives, start with 1 use of each potion. Cannot hold more than 1 usage of each potion

New "Bottomless Hole" in the Caves of the Doom Souls when playing rando (to prevent softlocks)

Teleporter randomization now works instead of just pretending to work! wow!

Other miscellaneous bug fixes and text changes

Randomizer Notes:

Enabling Staring Room OR Magic Boot randomizer will also apply many room edits to accomodate this

Some room edits cause minor graphical glitches.

Magic Boot strength will never be LESS than normal.

Please visit http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=30841.0 to discuss this project.


Special thanks to Jp32 for uploading his documentation: here.

While I recommend contacting me via romhacking.net, you can contact me via email at n@pk!n (a t) pb & p!ck13 (d o t) c0m
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