The Adventure of Some Guy

The Adventure of Some Guy was a class project for an Introduction to Game Design class I took back in 2011. For our final project, we had to program ANY game that is not trivial. While many people took the simple path and made relatively simple games, I was feeling overly ambitious and decided to go all out. Before The Adventures of Some Guy, I had only written extremely simple Python programs, including a Peg Solitaire game, which meant that I had a lot to learn about game programming.

Designed and developed over the course of about 8-10 weeks, this game turned out to be quite the ordeal. Every 20 minutes it seemed like I was asking myself, “How can I do this?” or “Is that even possible?”. I first wrote the level editor which ended up being a bit easier than I had thought it would be. The most difficult part of the entire project was writing the collision code. You could not imagine how hard it is to write collision detection code from scratch, especially when you already have no idea what you’re doing! In the end, my collision code was never fully completed and remained buggy in certain circumstances.

My main goal, for the entire project, was to create a platformer that was wholly original in content. With that in mind, all aspects of the game were created by myself (or my girlfriend, for some of the art). This meant I had to draw all sorts of graphics, compose some music and create sound effects. Being graphically-challenged, everything in the game was drawn in my trusty friend MSPaint. It may not be the most advanced program but it gets the job done! The music and sound effects were created using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) program called Reaper with a plugin called YMCK Magical 8-Bit plugin. Total, I composed about 10 songs but only a few made it into the game.

With that said, I am very proud of The Adventure of Some Guy. It’s very buggy, rough, and possibly even a little “not fun” but it’s something I created. I could undeniably claim that I made a new game that previously did not exist. Plus, it taught me so much about games and how they work. It’s because of this project that I am now a better programmer, understand object oriented concepts more, and feel like I am capable of making any game I wantTo that, I salute you, Some Guy! Thank you for making all our lives better!

The Team


Nathan Cox


Nathan Cox – Almost everything

Nathan’s Girlfriend – Some backgrounds and tiles.


All sound and music written and composed by Nathan Cox using the REAPER software with the YMCK Magical 8-Bit Plugin.

The Game

The Adventure of Some Guy is a relatively simple, yet brutally difficult platformer. The goal is to traverse three areas in an attempt to collect 9 different gems per area. You can run, jump and… well, that’s about it! Some paths will be blocked by doors which require that you find and collect its corresponding key. The collision detection is particularly atrocious which will have you getting hit by stuff you probably shouldn’t be… too bad! With only 3 lives and 3 hits per life, making it through to the extremely anti-climactic ending is nearly impossible. The built in level editor can be used to make and save changes to the levels. Keep in mind that any changes made permanently overwrite the original levels! Here’s an almost-complete run through of the game.

To make the game a bit easier, I included a cheat code! At the title screen, type (with spaces) “i admit that i suck at this game and need help”. It will increase your health to 5 hits instead of 3, making the game MUCH easier. For the masochist, there is also a hard mode that can be activated by by typing “hard” at the title screen. Activating this will make it so you only have 1 health! Yikes!

The Download

This executable is built for Windows only. You can download this game using the following link. Just unzip it to any folder you’d like!

I have only tested this on Windows 7 although it may work on other versions of Windows. This download comes with NO GUARANTEE that it will work. If it does not work on your machine, do not bother me! By running this program, you accept the risks inherent with running a program made by someone you don’t know. DOWNLOAD AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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